• Specialized Services

    Our goal is to make the shipping process as easy as possible, so once you schedule a pickup with us, we’ll take care of all the details including: Pilot Cars, Permits, Hazmat transportation, Expedited Services, Bonded carriers, TSA drivers and more.

    Heavy Haul 

    Regardless of size or weight, when you ship with GLT, you can rest assured that we have the experience to pick up or deliver anything you need. Our Heavy Haul specializes in arranging transportation for overweight or oversized shipments. We always factor in the costs or permits, escorts, and special route permissions to ensure timely and safe deliveries. Plus, when your work with GLT, we’ll always provide you with the right equipment at a very competitive price.

    Open Deck

    If your shipment has special handling requirements, is too large to fit in a Dry Closed Van, or needs special handling when loading, ask one of our team members about Open Deck shipments. With this service, we can ensure delivery of any oversized or overweight shipment you may have. This service includes: Flatbed Trailer, Step deck Trailer, RGN Trailer, Double drop Trailer, Extendable RGN Trailer, Multiple Axles RGN or Double, Hot shot Trailer (20’- 40’) And More!